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Price: $129,900
Bed: 3 Bath: 2.00

Price: $113,850
Bed: Bath:

Price: $29,900
Bed: 3 Bath: 2.00
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Dubois Ireland Otwell
Holland Jasper  

Jasper IN Demographics and Housing Data*

Population - White:
Median Age:
Population - Black:
Median Age - Female:
Population - Asian:
Median Age - Male:
Population - Native:
Population - Female:
Population - Hispanic:
Population - Male:
Population - Hawaiian:
Population - Other:
* Data from US Census

Indiana Foreclosure Market Data

Housing units (2009): 2.8 million
Total Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (2008): 45,900
Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (Oct. 2010): 5,500
Foreclosure Rate: 1 out of every 500 properties
Number of Foreclosure Sales (2010): 1,100
Indiana Median Foreclosure Sale Price (2010): $132,000
National Average Foreclosure Sales Price (2010): $171,400

Indiana covers an area of over 36,400 square miles of land making it the 38th largest state in the nation. Indiana is predominantly vast valleys containing two natural regions: the Central Lowlands and the Interior Low Plateau. Known for its breathtaking lakes and rivers that are situated all throughout the state, Indiana provides a wonderful place to live. With over 5,500 new foreclosure filings in Indiana, there is a total of over 34,000 foreclosure properties within the state. Currently, Marion County holds the highest number of foreclosures. There are over 1,800 new foreclosures in Marion County, with most of those properties concentrated in the city of Indianapolis. The average foreclosure sale price in Indiana is approximately $151,500. The median foreclosure sale price in this state is about $132,000.

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