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Price: $265,273
Bed: 4 Bath: 3.00

Price: $238,491
Bed: 4 Bath: 2.00

Price: $268,000
Bed: 6 Bath: 2.00
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Hurleyville NY Demographics and Housing Data*

Population - White:
Median Age:
Population - Black:
Median Age - Female:
Population - Asian:
Median Age - Male:
Population - Native:
Population - Female:
Population - Hispanic:
Population - Male:
Population - Hawaiian:
Population - Other:
* Data from US Census

New York Foreclosure Market Data

Housing units (2009): 8 million
Total Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (2008): 50,000
Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (Oct. 2010): 3,820
Foreclosure Rate: 1 out of every 2,090 properties
Number of Foreclosure Sales (2010): 4,000
New York Median Foreclosure Sale Price (2010): $380,000
National Average Foreclosure Sales Price (2010): $171,400

New York is located in the northeastern region of the United States and is well recognized for its burgeoning population and economy. New York City is the most populous city in the United States and is the financial and cultural hub of the state. With over 3,800 recent foreclosures, New York contains a total of over 55,300 foreclosures that need to be sold. Suffolk County contains the highest concentration of foreclosures. With over 640 recent foreclosures, Suffolk County has a total of over 10,000 foreclosure homes. The cities in Suffolk that contain the highest number of foreclosures are Brentwood, Central Islip, and Bay Shore. Westchester County contains over 3,500 foreclosure homes with most of these homes sitting in the city of Yonkers. The average foreclosure sales price in Westchester County is approximately $470,000. The average foreclosure sales price in New York is about $312,900. The median foreclosure sales price in New York is approximately $380,000.

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